About the Brighton Business Curry Club

The Brighton Business Curry Club is a low cost, informal, fun business networking forum for businesses across Sussex.

The Curry Club was founded in 2010 by Lisa Reynolds from Let Me Do That For You, a local business owner with a track record in networking and a flair for delivering events.

About Let Me Do That For You

Lisa Reynolds’ background is in commercial business. You name it, over the course of her career she has probably done it. Or helped someone else to do it.

Harnessing this solid background and her drive to do stuff for herself, she launched Let Me Do That For You in 2008, originally as a part time Virtual Assistant.

Since those heady days the business has grown into a thriving dynamic organisation offering all manner of business services designed to help other business owners manage their all-important time better.

Along with a team of business gurus, Lisa offers practical expert assistance in everything from clients’ websites to admin and team management. They write, they do accounts and data entry, they give marketing support, carry out social media networking, email management and brand overhauls. And they also come up with bright new ideas to make organisations ultra-sleek and seriously efficient.

In short they’re not so much a silent partner as an active business partner. When business owners are short of time, as they almost always are, Let Me Do That For You steps in to fill the gap.

Want to know more?

Here’s a link to the Let Me Do That For You website.


The history bit – The origins of the Brighton Business Curry Club

“I’ve never been a morning person, so after inexplicably joining a local chapter of BNI, I struggled to get up and get ready to talk business at 6.30am every Thursday. Not even a cooked breakfast and some strong tea could tempt me. It was hopeless.”

“I’m far more in my element, ready to chat and get things done, in the evening with a drink. I assumed plenty of people felt the same – more on the ball, more lively and more enthusiastic in relaxed, enjoyable circumstances than they are at stupid o’ clock in the morning. It turns out I was right.”

“I’ve always disliked the formal traditional business networking model too, where people have to come prepared with nerve-wracking five minute presentations and everything’s organised in such fine detail there’s no room for creativity, no room to do your own thing. So I decided the Curry Club would be very different, designed to inspire self-reliant business owners who’d tried ordinary networking and found it wanting.”

“The result is an enormously popular local business network that’s survived and thrived while others have burned brightly for a short time then fallen by the wayside. We have fun, we eat Well, we meet like-minded people in a congenial atmosphere and best of all, we get business done.”

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