13th December 2016
man with laptop and email concept

Networking Tips – Following up your contacts

Don’t wait too long to follow up on the valuable contacts you’ve made at an event. Add their contact details to your address book or spreadsheet, […]
12th December 2016

Networking Tips – Escaping politely

You’re nervous. They’re nervous. You could easily spend all night chatting to the same person simply because it’s easier than moving on and starting again with […]
9th December 2016

Enjoying the networking experience – Variety is good

Some say a ‘real’ business network is a connected system of people who are connected for a good reason, rather than a bunch of random connections. […]
8th December 2016

Networking tips – Being positive and accepting criticism

One of most powerful tools in your networking box is a positive attitude. Be positive. Use positive language. Smile. See the good in people. Become a […]
7th December 2016

Networking tips – Getting personal: when quantity matters less than quality

Quantity matters less than quality. You could knock yourself silly trying to network with everyone in the room, allocating each person a few minutes of your […]
6th December 2016
blocks spelling out elevator pitch

Networking tips – Perfecting your elevator pitch without a hard sell

Every time you meet someone new, you need to enlighten them about what you do, when, how and for whom. Take too long over it or […]
5th December 2016

Networking tips – The joy of business cards

It sounds totally basic, almost not worth saying. But it matters. It might feel contrived to turn up with pocketfuls of business cards, but don’t go […]
2nd December 2016

Networking tips – Forget what you can get. What can you give?

Most great networkers acknowledge that success means figuring out what you’ve got to offer your fellow delegates, not what you want to get out of the […]
1st December 2016

Networking tips – Dare to be different

Some business owners go to every networking event in town. Even if you only attend one, things can soon get a bit samey. When you’re just […]
30th November 2016

Networking tips – Master the art of a firm handshake

Are you a natural hand-shaker, with that unmistakeable confident grip? Or is shaking your hand rather like grasping a wet lettuce and flip-flopping it around? A […]