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Business radio is an online radio station promoting and supporting small businesses. Because we are an internet radio station anyone with a smart phone or a computer can listen. We invite companies to come on the radio station and tell us why they do what they do and what is it that gets them up in the morning (other than an alarm clock). We are always looking for people who would like to boast about their businesses to our listens, tell us what you are looking for and who is your target market. We do not make a charge for people coming on the radio station and marketing themselves.

Our market is typically someone who is 30-55 and is either considering starting a business or may already have a business and is looking for more exposure. We offer many opportunities for companies to get noticed from having a radio interview, having your own show to simple banner advertising on our website.

Our website ( offers many opportunities for small businesses. We offer a members area (currently free) for you to create a profile, upload your logo, write a blog and generally connect with other business owners. We currently have over 100 local businesses already signed up.

Have you advertised on radio before? If you have advertised on radio before and have you commercial, we’d love to play it on air for you for free. But if you don’t have your own commercial, don’t worry we can help you put a broadcast ready commercial together from as little as £50.

Did you know that you can broadcast your products and services on Business Radio for as little as £7? That’s right for as little as £7 you can broadcast your products or services across our network.

Having an advertising campaign with Business Radio isn’t just about getting you behind a microphone. For us it’s about giving you a fantastic experience by engaging you, your employees, your services and your clients.

For more information please speak to one of the team, email us:

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