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Love Water provides the “Worlds” funkiest Bottled and Mains Fed Watercooler, for Homes and Businesses!

Based at Gatwick, we serve hundreds of brilliant customers throughout London and the South East.

Our products include:

MINI Water Dispenser

This unique watercooler is designed for small offices of between 2-10 staff, and family homes.

Available in a number of different colours, and dispensing Cold and Ambient temperature Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water.

Mini Water Dispensers for the office

MAXI Bottled Water Dispenser

Suitable for larger offices and featuring the replaceable Watertrail for 100% sanitisation. It has loads of hygiene and ergonomic features that knock the spots of all other bottled watercoolers.  Also available with a hot water option.

Mains Fed Watercoolers

Lots of different models to choose from including floorstanding and countertop units. The machines simply plumb into the main water supply and produce cold / hot & cold filtered water.

E9 Countertop

Water Boilers

If you have an office of over 15 staff and you are still boiling a kettle, then it makes sense to check out having one of our fantastic small water boilers. Savings in time and money should be achieved!

Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral Water in glass bottles

Exclusive mineral water normally served in many of London’s top restaurants and hotels, is available for delivery to your home / office from Love Water.

Love Water Sports Bottles

Our cases of 24 x 500ml Sports Bottles are great when you are on the go and want a bottle to take with you. Fantastic for business events and part of the proceeds go to the charity Water with a Difference.

Love Water can provide a free trial of most of the above but can definitely provide a quote on any! If you do currently have a watercooler, challenge us to provide an upgrade and at a lower cost.

Our special offer for all Curry Club attendees;

If you don’t have a watercooler – Have a free trial of one of either our MINI or MAXI water dispenser and get up to 18.5 litres free of charge, and without absolutely any obligation to continue the service after the trial. If you currently have a watercooler, challenge us to offer a better product at lower costs.

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Love Water Limited, 15 Gatwick Business Park, Kennel Lane, Hookwood, Surrey RH6 0AH
Phone: 0845 5200 820
Mobile: 07921 523311
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