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SeeThat are a young dynamic team specialising in creating video, animation and motion graphics for use on all platforms.   We are based in Hove and our client base includes: Sporting Associations & Clubs, Local & National Government, PR firms, Engineering, Insurance , SMEs & Non-profit, spanning across the country.

Why Video?

Online video is quickly becoming one of the newest trends in media. In order to keep up with this fast paced trend and stay ahead of the competition, many businesses are deciding to use online video as part of their promotional and marketing strategies, appreciating that this powerful communication tool creates several advantages.

According to recent research by Forrester, a website with video content is 50 times more likely to be found by Google.  Online video creates a more personal interaction between a business and its customers. The use of both visual effects and sounds is an effective way of gaining a viewer’s attention. Viewers are more likely to remember 70% of what they see AND hear.

In today’s fast paced world, it is much easier for a viewer to click on a video link than it is to read a page of text. People want fast and easy information, and video allows them to have that.  The great thing is viewers will want to share it too through Twitter, Facebook, email.  Thirty-eight percent of those who watch video say they pass it along to others, usually through e-mail.

Video is here to stay… if your competitors are not doing it, make sure you are.

How can you use Video?

There are several ways a business can use a video online to its advantage:-

  • Video can be used to describe a product or service in detail, without any confusion.
  • Video can be used for Training and How Tos – visually demonstrate how to get things done.
  • Video can be used for online Press Release – communicate important changes.
  • Video can be used for Welcome messages – communicate your company’s image.
  • Video can be used for promotional purposes – for that new product or service.

All of which add tremendously to your SEO when placed within your website.

Why SeeThat?

We have the talent to create compelling and quality video content that viewers will genuinely enjoy your content. With a creative and professional approach, SeeThat utilises the power of the video revolution, especially online, to ensure that your message hits the spot with potential and existing customers.

We always try to propose solutions which accommodate our clients’ available budgets and timescales, delivering quality results each time.   Our feedback from clients suggests that we have an exceptional track record for producing exceptional work…  Why not!!

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See That, Unit 5, Hove Business Centre, Fonthill Road, Hove BN3 6HA
Phone: 01273 974670
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