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The Brighton and Hove Federation of Disabled People was started in 1981 to provide a body that would promote the independence and dignity of disabled people making sure than when services were being planned and developed, disabled peoples views were heard. It is this ethos, which the Federation represents today.

The Federation is run by disabled people and works closely with local organisations and service providers to advocate better transport, ensure that disabled people are invited to join committees and forums and look at ways for disabled people to be recognised as part of the community rather than being on the fringe.

We provide training and support to all our volunteers and staff and always involve those who have actual experience of the issues we deal with.

The Federation takes a positive approach to the removal of barriers for disabled people and looks more at what people can do as opposed to what they can’t do.

The Fed Centre for Independent Living promotes independence and dignity for all disabled people. It works to identify gaps when services are being planned and developed and to ensure the needs of disabled people are included.

The Fed offers advice and support to individuals, to our many member organisations and to other groups involved in disability issues.

Business and Services Noticeboard

If you’re a small local business wanting to advertise to a new group of customers for a small charge, and get free disability awareness training, then our online Business and Services Noticeboard is for you

This Noticeboard ensures people can easily find services they need whilst providing a great opportunity for small businesses to advertise to customers.

So why not find out more about the benefits and make your business more accessible to customers.

This is run by The Fed, Centre for Independent Living.  We provide advice and support services to disabled people in Brighton & Hove.  We also have social enterprises offering payroll services, CRB Checking Service and Disability Awareness Training.

Have a look at the website or contact Jane Binns 07900 261 551

Why should I sign up?

So, there’s a whole new market of customers out there who can contact you through your listing on the Business and Services Noticeboard

Did you know?

  • 1 in 3 people in the UK are disabled or close to somebody who has a disability. [Office of National Statistics Census 2001]
  • 10 million disabled people live in the UK with a combined annual spending power of over £80 billion [DWP 2004]
  • 33% of people in the UK aged 50 – 65 have a disability; 42% of people over 65 have a disability.[ Labour Force Survey, Autumn 2005]
  • 67% of disabled people choose businesses which are good at serving disabled customers [Employers’ Forum on Disability customer survey, 2006]

How Can my Business be Listed?

If you are a business wanting to know more, please contact Jane Binns We’ll call you for a chat about the Noticeboard. If you sign up, we’ll arrange for you to go on our 2 1/2 hour Disability Awareness Training and ask you to input your details on the Noticeboard together with your logo and up to 3 images. Once listed loads of new customers can view your details and contact you direct.

What is the Code of Conduct?

You agree to sign up as follows:

I agree to provide an excellent service to customers for a fair price, to treat everyone with dignity and respect and to provide good, reliable customer service.

I confirm that I will undertake the Fed’s Basic Disability Awareness Training Course.

What does the Training Include?

You are asked to attend a basic Disability Awareness Training which lasts 2 ½ hours. The training covers practical tips for customer care when working for disabled customers and appropriate language around disability. It’s included in the cost of advertising on the Noticeboard.

A convenient training date will be agreed with you when you contact us to be listed on the Noticeboard.

What does it Cost?

You will be charged an annual fee as follows:

1 employee = £25 per annum

2-5 employees = £50 per annum

5-10 employees = £75 per annum

This includes your listing and the Disability Awareness Training session.

Contact Information
FED Main Office, Montague House, Montague Place, Somerset Street BN2 1JE
Phone: 01273 89 40 40
Mobile: 07900 261 551

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