The best informal networking event in Brighton

The Brighton Business Curry Club is a monthly event hosted at the Bali Brasserie. It takes place in the evening, just after the close of business on the second Tuesday of every month. And it’s hosted by Lisa Reynolds from Let Me Do That For You, a Brighton business owners with a passion for networking… with a difference.

The famous Brighton Business Curry Club format

6pm – People start to arrive. Grab yourself a free drink from the bar and get networking with your fellow business owners, a bunch of like-minded people who love informal events designed for grown-ups. Remember to bring a stack of business cards in case you want to hand some out.

7pm – We arrange a very short yet sweet ten minutes of pre dinner speeches from the hosts and the event sponsor. Then it’s time to sit down for a splendid curry.

Because the seating plan is open, you can sit where you like. Maybe you’ve hooked up with someone whose business interests are very similar to yours, and you want to carry on exploring the potential for a partnership of some kind, money saving ideas, cross-sell opportunities or whatever. You’re free to do exactly that. If there’s somebody in particular you’d love to meet, just let us know.

The food? There’s a delicious set buffet of meat, fish and veggie curries to enjoy, all with the Bali Brasserie’s legendary Malaysian-Indonesian influence.

8-8.30pm – We tend to wind things up between eight and half eight. But the bar’s still open. You’re more than welcome to stick around and carry on networking after the event officially finishes. If you like you can keep at it until late, until they throw you out onto the streets!

Why are our networking events so productive?

Why, exactly, do our attendees enjoy our networking events so much and find them so productive?

  • Networking is widely accepted as the best way to build solid, positive long-term business relationships. Our events focus on the networking bit, without all the usual formalities getting in your way
  • Most business owners know word-of-mouth recommendations are by far the best way to win new business… and keep it
  • Networking our way helps you find new customers and meet new suppliers in friendly, laid back circumstances. You might even make new friends

Brighton business networking our way – What does it cost?

Each monthly Brighton Business Curry Club event costs £19.50 and includes attendance and networking, a free drink on arrival, tasty Indian nibbles and a delicious curry. You can either book one event at a time or book several events in advance.

Test drive the Business Curry Club for yourself

We look forward to welcoming you to our next business networking event. See you there. Follow this link to register.

Local business owners deserve better

Some business networks are far too prescriptive. You turn up, you’re herded around like cattle, you sit where you’re told, you follow a strict presentations protocol, you’re herded out again… and that’s it.

In our experience there’s no need to be so stiff and formal. We think Brighton businesses deserve better. This isn’t school. You’re adults, after all, and you’re perfectly able to organise yourselves in a way that suits you. That’s why we keep everything really simple, putting you in the driving seat.

Civilised, simple, no pressure

That’s it. It’s all very civilised, simple, friendly and welcoming, and there’s absolutely no pressure. We supply the place and time, you supply the people-power, together we create an enthusiastic, lively, vibrant and productive local business community.

You only have one task: to get busy meeting local business owners, exchanging news and views, and of course doing business. Are you up for that?

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