Networking Tips – Following up your contacts

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12th December 2016
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8th March 2017
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Networking Tips – Following up your contacts

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Don’t wait too long to follow up on the valuable contacts you’ve made at an event. Add their contact details to your address book or spreadsheet, along with the vital points you’ve learned about each of them. Include what the person does. If anything stood out for you include that, and take note of their preferences. Then add them to your LinkedIn network, always a good starting point to build on.

You might not want to cold-call people. It’s scary, and it isn’t always welcome unless you have first cleared it with them – “is it OK to give you a call next week?” It’s often easier to email people, just to say ‘nice to meet you’ and quickly recap on the things you discussed. Don’t just send the same email to everyone. You’ve made the effort to get to know them a bit, so do them the favour of sending a personalised email tailored especially to them. It takes more time and effort, but it’s so worthwhile.

Keep your eyes open for information they might find interesting, and send them links to it. You can even cut articles out of printed magazines and newspapers and post them to the people you think will find them useful. The more personal and real you can make your comms, the better.