9th December 2016

Enjoying the networking experience – Variety is good

Some say a ‘real’ business network is a connected system of people who are connected for a good reason, rather than a bunch of random connections. […]
2nd December 2016

Networking tips – Forget what you can get. What can you give?

Most great networkers acknowledge that success means figuring out what you’ve got to offer your fellow delegates, not what you want to get out of the […]
29th November 2016

Networking Tips – Make yourself physically and emotionally comfortable

Body language is a bugger. If you’re feeling anxious you’ll probably be all scrunched up, sticking to a safe corner or stuck near the door, your […]
28th November 2016

12 Days of Tips for Networking Success – Setting good, solid, sensible goals

Networking is all about building positive, supportive and useful professional relationships. If you want to expand your client base and grow great business partnerships, it’s the […]