Unique city, unique business scene – Today’s Brighton

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Unique city, unique business scene – Today’s Brighton

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Whether you’ve been here for ages or just arrived, Brighton has a great deal to offer business owners, from start-ups to freelancers and micro-business. Our Curry Club events take place against a backdrop that’s remarkably innovative, incredibly creative and very lively indeed, a proper hotbed of talent. Here’s an insight into why our city is such a great place to innovate.

Much more than just ‘London by the sea’

Brighton has always been stuffed with creatives, packed with entrepreneurs and home to more small businesses than average. Now it’s one of Britain’s most vibrant tech business clusters, with masses of creative digital and gaming businesses forming the thick end of the wedge. The old local adage has been true for a while now: throw a pebble in Brighton and you’ll hit four startups.

The Centre for Cities 2015 Outlook study proved the phenomenon, finding that we have the highest number of startups per capita outside London. In the early 2000s we were proud to have more Apple Macs per head than anywhere else in Europe. Brighton is somewhere fast-growing businesses of all sizes thrive. Take iCrossing, which started life small in 1997 and now has offices in Britain, Europe, North America and South America.

A city where digital talent meets creativity

This is where tech talent meets creativity head on, and a high proportion of digital businesses born in the city were dreamed up by people with a background in arts and humanities, almost half of our digital businesses. And because we’ve always welcomed the weird, strange, eccentric and odd with open arms, people who live here are willing to take risks and try new things. We’re fearless, which is one of our best business assets. The resulting business innovations stand out from the crowd. Add a love of collaboration born of a genuine passion for the city, blend in two top class universities with large pools of fresh talent on tap, and we’re onto a winner.

City infrastructure innovations

The small business community’s explosive growth has also been supported by Brighton’s infrastructure. There have been problems with high-speed broadband, essential for any good business these days, but – typical Brighton – a local co-operative is busy building a high tech local digital exchange to fill the gap, supported by local internet service providers and funded by the government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Everyone wants a piece of the pie

A few years ago, online network Second Life asked developers across Europe which city they’d most love to live in, and the answer was Brighton. This is much more than a seaside resort, clubber’s heaven and gay capital. It’s one of the nation’s fastest growing digital destinations, a great example of art and tech collaboration, a buzzing digital hub with a huge pool of diverse talent.

The long and short of it is, your fellow Brighton business owners are a particularly talented lot. If you need advice, support, inspiration or insight into the digital side of your business, you will probably find exactly what you need at a Curry Club event.